Mangoal Dash Cam 4K Custom fit for Ford F150 2018-2024 F250/F350 Super Duty 2020-2024 XLT lariat King Ranch Tremor Raptor Limited Platinum Accessories (Model A), UHD 2160P Video, WiFi, App, 128GB Card

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Modle A: Front 4K only



1.Mangoal dash cams are only compatible with specific vehicle model, the wrong model can't fit.It doesn't support to add a rear camera separately if you've already had the single front camera! Because the PCB boards are different.
2.The camera's WiFi is not remote. Please download important clips to your phone while in the car and engine is on if needed.
3.Why is the preview screen of the camera not clear when viewed through the APP?
The image quality of the APP preview interface is specially compressed for smooth APP experience. Click on the APP "Camera File" to view the original AHD quality video.
4.Featured with sound recording function, which can be turned on/off at mangoal APP setting.
5.Mangoal OEM style dash cam does not have physical buttons for traditional camera settings. How to set camera related functions?
The setting function Mangoal of traditional cameras is available. We implement it through SkyCamm APP setting. We have prepared detailed operating instructions and the operation is simple.
6.Packed with 128GB MicroSD card and support maximum128GB.