Mangoal Front 4K & Rear 1080p Dash Cam Custom fit for Audi (Model B Gray) A4 A6 Allroad A3 A5 A6 Q5 A8 S8 A7 S5 Q3 S3 S7, Integrated OEM Look, WiFi and Free App, 128GB Card

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Model B(Gray) : Front 4K and Rear 1080P

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Custom Fit Dash Cam for Audi

Mangoal Front 4K & Rear 1080p Dash Cam

  • Custom Fit Design: The Mangoal Front 4K & Rear 1080p dash cam is specifically designed to perfectly fit Audi A4, A6, Allroad, A3, A5, A6, Q5, A8, S8, A7, S5, Q3, S3, and S7 vehicles (Model B). It seamlessly integrates behind the rearview mirror, resembling the original equipment, with no messy wiring exposed and no complicated rewiring required.

Front 4K and Rear 1080P Recording

  • Ultra HD 4K Front Camera: The front camera records videos in up to Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) resolution, ensuring crystal-clear footage. It captures important details like road signs and vehicle number plates with exceptional clarity.
  • Full HD 1080P Rear Camera: The rear camera records videos in Full HD 1080P resolution, providing clear footage of the rear view. It helps to eliminate blind spots and captures evidence in case of unexpected incidents.
Built-in WiFi and Free App
  • Convenient WiFi Connectivity: The built-in WiFi feature allows for higher-definition video streaming and faster download speeds. You can easily view real-time videos on your smartphone, download or transfer important footage to your PC, and share videos with friends and family through the user-friendly app.
Loop Recording and G-Sensor
  • Seamless Loop Recording: The dash cam supports loop recording, which automatically overwrites the oldest footage with new content when the memory card is full. This ensures continuous recording without the need to manually delete files.
  • G-Sensor for Incident Detection: The built-in G-Sensor detects sudden collisions or impacts and immediately saves and locks the current video file. This ensures that important footage is protected and not overwritten, providing valuable evidence in case of accidents.
Easy Installation and Power Source
  • Hassle-Free Installation: The Mangoal dash cam is designed for easy installation and is perfectly integrated with Audi vehicles. There is no complicated rewiring required, and it takes power from the Fall-rain sensor, ensuring a seamless installation process.
  • Model B Appearance: The dash cam is available in black and gray colors, with the black version searchable using ASIN: B0CHJZNWZW.

Included Accessories and Warranty

  • Comprehensive Package: When you purchase the Mangoal OEM Look 4K Dashcam, you will receive the front dash cam, rear dash cam, rear cam cable, 128GB MicroSD card, user manual, OBD adapter, auto-dimming adapter, crowbar, and strap. Everything you need for a complete installation is included.
  • Warranty and Customer Service: The product comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.



1.Mangoal dash cams are only compatible with specific vehicle model, the wrong model can't fit.It doesn't support to add a rear camera separately if you've already had the single front camera! Because the PCB boards are different.
2.The camera's WiFi is not remote. Please download important clips to your phone while in the car and engine is on if needed.
3.Why is the preview screen of the camera not clear when viewed through the APP?
The image quality of the APP preview interface is specially compressed for smooth APP experience. Click on the APP "Camera File" to view the original AHD quality video.
4.Featured with sound recording function, which can be turned on/off at mangoal APP setting.
5.Mangoal OEM style dash cam does not have physical buttons for traditional camera settings. How to set camera related functions?
The setting function Mangoal of traditional cameras is available. We implement it through SkyCamm APP setting. We have prepared detailed operating instructions and the operation is simple.
6.Packed with 128GB MicroSD card and support maximum128GB.